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What you eat affects every cell in your body!

It is the most powerful tool we have available to not only prevent, but also treat, cure and reverse most chronic diseases.

We are all unique.
There isn't just one "way" to eat
for everyone !

- We are all unique, through our life paths and our daily lives

- We must identify this individuality

- It is essential to be able to choose a diet 
and a perfectly “made-to-measure” complement.

Expert in functional nutrition

I have helped thousands of people with advice on sports, nutrition and general health.

  My passion is to analyze the root causes of imbalances in your body.

  When to eat, what to eat and how much?


- The gaps: if you want to cheat, how to cheat cleverly?  

- Prepare the body to function better using specific tools. 
- Create a unique and adapted program thanks to a health, blood, stool ...


Recognized, reimbursed and approved by complementary insurances  sickness funds: see  ASCA

Pois chiches

The First Consultations

1 hour

Establishment  of a  nutritional monitoring  and support in the proposed changes in diet and behavior.

CHF 160 

Assiette houmous


30 minutes

A  follow-up consultation  takes place 2 weeks after the first  consultation according to your objectives.

CHF 80

Consultation en ligne.


30 minutes or 1 hour 

Consultation by Zoom or Skype.  

Request by appointment only. 

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My sport requires me to reach a weight that is not natural to me.
The goal is possible, but to get there I need time, support and I have to work in detail to improve my performance as well as my recovery.

Thanks to Ella, I discovered the world of micronutrition and how important it is. The advice Ella gives me is thorough and very precious to me!  


Sophia Meakin, 23

Swiss Rowing Champion

We can't make healthy choices if we don't know how to make them

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