For who ? 

For those who have a digestive problem, overweight as well as a problem of sports or intellectual performance.
Allergies, intolerances and problems with intestinal permeability, migraines, chronic fatigue,

due to aging and degenerative diseases.

For MAY Pain, stress or burnout ...

Portrait de famille

For everyone 

1. Starting point 

First of all I need to understand why you are sitting in front of me?

Are you :

  • in search of a healthier life
    (food balance, lifestyle)?

  • in a particular moment of your life
    (pregnancy, withdrawal, stress, sports performance)?

  • plagued by specific disorders
    (digestive, weight loss, sleep, fatigue, joint problems, burnout, etc.)

2. Health check-up

I then establish your health check by discussing with you: it is a global assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, your excesses and deficiencies.


It is an "inventory" of your organization, which makes it possible to define the strategy to be taken.

3. Biological analyzes

In addition to this traditional assessment, it is sometimes necessary to call on specific biological assessments . 

They allow, among other things, to establish  the state of your health  :

-         nutritional excesses and deficiencies,

-         analyzes of hormones, antioxidants,

-         immune dysfunctions,

-         fatty acid states,

-         inflammatory conditions,

-         state of your microbiota,

-         condition of your liver.

5. Nutrition education

4. Personalized program

With all these elements, a personalized program is established, which allows you to intervene with precision in your daily life.

In addition to this program, a whole series of knowledge is transmitted to you, which allows you to better "navigate" and manage your daily life.