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My approach

Because we are all unique, through our life paths and our daily lives, we must identify this individuality.
This is essential in order to be able to choose the perfect diet and supplementation.
"Made to measure"

As a nutritionist and micronutrionist , I therefore advise you on your diet, your habits, 
but also on the micronutrients necessary for your state of health and your goals.

L'alimentation de rue

Your program, in several phases, is made up of adjustable levels according to your state of health. Some examples (see other blocks).

Discover the basics of nutrition

Image de Ava Sol

Help the body to function better thanks to specific tools:  

- Detoxification / Drainage of the liver  

- Rebalancing of the intestinal flora

- Land basification
acidity removal
- Reduction of inflammatory / acidity

Preparation of the organism 

Tranches d'ananas

- Vegetarian

- Vegan  

- Anti-Inflammatory

- Athletic
- Young

- Paleo  

- Chrono-biological  

- Basifying

Recommendation of a 
adapted program

Pain perdu

- Supplements: How to combine them, when and what to avoid?  

- Drinks: Amount of alcohol, water, juice, tea and coffee. 
- Gaps: if you want to cheat, you might as well cheat smart.

Food basics

Pilules blanches

Supplementation is sometimes necessary in: 
- Trace elements
- Vitamins / minerals

- Amino acids
- Omega 3-6-9

- Plants / roots
- Probiotics

We should not be afraid to help our body get better! 


clés de la maison

Active monitoring, in order to find new benchmarks.  Gradual modification of some of your habits, discovery of other ways of cooking, enrichment of your culinary skills. 
- Refrigerator / cupboard inventories:
  We replace everything that is not suitable for you! 
- Visit to the (super) -market:
what to buy what to avoid
- Cooking Classes: Quick and efficient to learn the best way to cook for you!

Coaching at home

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