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Voyages planification


Gravel path 3

Flat for rent in 1225 Chêne-Bourg  

Center Fits Pro  

Route des Fayards 243

1290 Versoix

Recognized, reimbursed and approved by complementary insurances  sickness funds: see  ASCA

Consultations are payable on site in cash or by credit card .

Online consultations are payable by bank transfer or Twint before the appointment.

Pois chiches

The first

1 hour

Establishment  of a  nutritional monitoring  and support in the proposed changes in diet and behavior.

CHF 160 

Assiette houmous


30 minutes

A  follow-up consultation  takes place 2 weeks after the first  consultation according to your objectives.

CHF 80

Apprentissage en ligne.

In line

30 minutes or 1 hour 

Consultation by Zoom or Skype.  

Request by appointment only. 

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