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Micronutrition focuses on the molecules that are on our plates and the way our bodies use them.


It finds its principles in a complex relationship that links food, supplements, health and prevention, as well as the production of hormones and neurotransmitters.


It acts on your cells (anti-aging, weight, digestive, stress, sleep, etc.), reduces nutritional deficiencies, prevents the risk of disease, cancer, depression, etc.) and supports you for better health and performance.

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Impedancemetry analysis allows you to measure your body composition (muscle mass, fat mass) using low-intensity electrical currents. Indeed, the weight is not necessarily indicative, while the muscle mass and fat much more.

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Chronic diseases

It is important to prevent (or cure) chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, etc. Thanks to micronutrition, it is possible to protect yourself from all these risks and reverse the trend.

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Weight gain
Fat loss

Slimming in a sustainable, efficient and personalized way, that's what I offer you. You have tried lots of diets, you think you are eating well, you exercise, but you are not gaining mass or you are not losing fat ...


It happens that our body suffers from disruptions of balance  and see problems such as resistance to weight loss or weight gain (stress, hormones, sport, deficiencies, etc.)

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Blood work, microbiome gut health, hormonal and stress testing

 If your health situation is complex, I would perform biological analyzes, based on very specific analyzes relating to hormones, intestinal flora, vitamins, minerals, biliaries, etc. I also carry out genetic analyzes, which are interested in existing mutations in genes.

As for the analysis of your microbiota, it is essential, it is our second brain… Thanks to it, we learn how the microbes and the cells of our body interact. We can discover new organic compounds and we can make a link between changes in your microbiota and certain diseases.

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Sports performance

Every athlete will find what he is looking for ...


  • Reach its goal

  • Learn to eat what, when and why

  • Provide the nutrients necessary for your physical activity

  • Speed up recovery, prevent injuries, etc.

  • Optimize your performance


Whatever your level, the frequency of your practice, and / or your objective, I answer your request thanks to a controlled and adapted food.

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Stress management

Are you irritable? Overworked?  

Mentally and physically tired (or even exhausted)? <

Do you have trouble motivating yourself both at work and at home, everything seems bland? Is it difficult for you to get up in the morning (even after a good night's sleep)?


You should know that chronic stress uses a hormone called cortisol. In excess, this hormone has many negative effects such as 'burn out', muscle wasting, fat storage (especially visceral), increased hunger, etc.


With various tools, we can find solutions.

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Are you often tired?
Are you sleeping badly?
Do you fall asleep?
Nocturnal awakenings?
Know that sleep impacts your weight, hormones, cravings, recovery, mood, and of course energy.

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