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The worst part of having to do a colonoscopy

And it’s really not that bad, is having to drink ALOT of liquid after taking the ‘pre prep’ powder…(more on that later).

And the other bad part (for me) is to avoid ALL fiber rich foods… why?

Because in order for your dr. to clearly see your colon during the procedure, you have to decrease the amount of food residue for the procedure.

This means changing to a low-fiber, low-residue diet for the three - five days leading up to your colonoscopy. Like what?

  • minced beef, ham, poultry, veal or pork

  • fish, shellfish

  • white rice, noodles or white pasta

  • cereal including cornflakes, rice krispies,

  • but not bran or lots

  • white bread or toast

  • plain biscuits (no nuts)

  • eggs

  • butter

  • cheese

  • cream or cottage cheese

  • potatoes without the skins

  • soya or tofu

Do not eat or drink

  • Fruit, including fresh, dried and canned

  • Brown rice or brown pasta

  • High-fibre breakfast cereals (including porridge oats)

  • Pulses or lentils

  • High-fibre bread

  • Vegetables

  • Nuts or seeds

  • Roasted, deep fried potatoes (including chips)

  • Crisps

  • Alcohol

  • Jam or red jelly (yes red is a no no)

  • Coloful fruit juice

It’s not a walk in the park, but it could save your life.


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