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Most people associate omega-3s with cardiovascular health, but their benefits go far beyond heart health (more on that later)…

Study after study show that fish and fish oil is good for us... for our heart, mood, immune system, brain and more. But despite their great health benefits, individuals around the world suffer from omega–3 deficiency.

Possible Reasons:

  1. Not eating enough FATTY fish (like sardines)

  2. Eating canned tuna thinking it contains omegas

  3. Being vegetarian or vegan and

  4. Not supplementing

  5. Having high omega 6s status - which will ‘steal’ enzymes that will lower your omega 3 status…

  6. Not supplementing with the right product

  7. Or supplementing at the wrong time of day

  8. Yes, it’s complicated

  9. Thats’ why it’s important to get tested


Omega3 fats are essential because our bodies cannot make them (or omega6’s), but your body can make omega-9

The most beneficial types of Omega-3s is EPA and DHA. Found primarily from the sea.

ALA is found in plant-based fats

It’s also considered an essential fat that the body can convert to EPA and DHA… However, the conversion is poor and cannot be relied upon.

So the question remains - are getting enough omega 3’s? Don’t guess …. Test! 70% of my patients are deficient...


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