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- 2 days to colonoscopy

I have mixed feelings about posting this. Not because I’m embarrassed to publicly discuss my colonoscopy experience, but because I don’t want to be responsible for ruining anyones pre-colonoscopy cleanout - so please, talk to your dr. before.

For the past decade I’ve been doing stool tests on myself and my patients and I know first hand that when you have MAJOR Inflammation AND/OR leaky gut (+ being 48 yrs old) it’s time to take the colo-step.

So I bought lots of different drinks for the day before. And stuff to make jello, cacao, yogourt, white bread. I made ‘chocolate bites’ with protein powder, butter & cacao (less fiber, yes chocolate does contain fiber). And froze it… yes, I'm addicted to chocolate.

So what did I eat 2 days before my colonoscopy? I ate normally, but avoided nuts, grains and oats.

I avoided foods that are rich in fiber like raw veggies, I also avoided alcohol and that's it. Pretty easy....


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